Ongoing Services

Start-up business consultation
  • Provide a start-up company or proprietor with information about tax and reporting obligations.
  • Assist registration of sales tax and payroll accounts.
  • Maintain books from the start to finish, look after receivable/payable, and payroll. Put scanned documents into a secure file storage and relax. The rest will be taken care of.
  • Prepare timely month-end financial statements on an accrual basis for management purposes.
  • Supervise bookkeeping online.
Sales tax
  • Prepare and file GST/HST and provincial sales tax returns.
Consulting services
  • Explain the financial position of your business by reading financial statements.
  • Analyze financial statements over years and explain the trend.
  • Make a budget for your business and review the result.
  • Prepare reports such as KPI.
  • Assess the workflow of your accounting department and the efficiency of your accounting system to make suggestions for streamlining and integrating accounting work.
  • Implement cloud-based accounting.

Once a Year

  • Prepare Compiled Financial Information at the year-end.
Corporation and personal Income Tax return
  • Prepare T2 for corporations and T1 for individual clients (including self-employed).
  • Prepare and file T4/T4A.
WSBC report
  • Prepare and file WSBC report.
Communication with CRA
  • Assist corporate and individual taxpayers to communicate with the CRA, and prepare supporting documents for audit or re-assessment.
Communication with an external accounting firm
  • Prepare year-end working papers for review engagement or audit done by an external accounting firm.

Making a difference for you

Making a difference
for you