Easy access to the online accounting department for your business


Online accounting department for your business

I.Iritani, CPA Inc. is the online accounting department for your business. You are welcome to contact me online to discuss your business goals, revenue targets and concerns.

We will come up with strategies, approaches, and solutions together. You will not have to dig through your filing cabinet to find financial data to discuss with me but instead, sit at your computer and share your screen with me while we remotely access your most up to date financial data. By connecting and talking online, the meeting will be easier, and we can chat more frequently.

  • Evaluate your business from a broad perspective.
  • Improve your accounting system and financial position.


New Accounting System implementation

Some businesses do not employ accounting tools leading to ambiguously recorded bills and statements. Some businesses have bookkeepers who use different software to keep inventory, payable, and receivable resulting in weeks just to prepare monthly financial statements. Some new business owners will neglect bookkeeping during start-up works and will have a hard time catching up or cleaning up the messy books.

  • Assist converting your current accounting system to a more efficient system.
  • Setup a new accounting system for the new business.
  • Build a custom designed accounting system based on your needs, business size, budget, and knowledge level.
No experience? No problem. Training will be provided on how to keep books and your questions will be answered going forward.


Remote work support

From now on, time and place will not matter. Many industries need to change the way they do business and the working environment is one such aspect. We can get the same results even if we work remotely.

  • Assess what technology and applications to use for the new remote work environment for accounting.
  • Assist installing software and set up the remote work environment.
  • Supervise the efficiency of remote work.


Diagnostic consultation

Have you ever wondered why your business is constantly short on cash despite a growing revenue? Have you ever worried how your business will be doing 2, 5, or 10 years from now? Have you ever had to make an uncomfortable decision to expand your business based only on intuition? You will be provided with a clear view of your business backed up with concrete numbers.

  • Diagnose the weaknesses and blind spots of your business and offer suggestions for improvement.
  • Approach each problem in unison with business owners and managers to come up with the best solution.